About The Dev Squad

Who We Are

The Dev Squad is a web and mobile app company based out of Perth, Western Australia. We think that great products are made only by great teams, so we searched far and wide until we found the perfect people.

We're a creative team of Design and Technical specialists who work with clients to produce a stunning product. We live for good designs, efficient websites, and happy clients. If you can dream it, chances are The Dev Squad can build it.

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What We Believe

We believe that not every website or app is created equal. We know that everyone has different needs, different wants, different desires. We aim to fulfil these while providing the highest quality service, the sleekest websites, and the fastest apps. We know that technical jargon makes some people's heads spin, so we always endeavour to provide great communication to ensure that you are never confused about what you are receiving from us. Rest assured, our products will blow your mind!

Our Process

Our process is amazingly straightforward. First we collaborate with the client to get an idea of how they envision the site to look and feel. We pass the information on to our awesome designers and they magic up a design mockup. The client is then given the mockup for final approval. Once we've got the all-clear, the piecing of the site together begins. Our developers working on the functionality, and our designers go through and make it look fantastic. After this is all done, the well-trained developers then go back through the site and sprinkle it with SEO elements. This is then packaged up, the client is giving their options for hosting and soon after the site is live.